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Sunflower oil A revitalising oil for your health

Oil is something that is used almost daily in our kitchens. Since the lockdown started, people have been experimenting with dishes now, more than ever. This also raises the major concern of being healthy and fit while staying at your homes. Switching from your regular oil to sunflower oil, for your everyday edible oils , can prove to be helpful in the balancing of your overall diet.

Why is Sunflower oil the best choice for cooking?

Edible oils possess a lot of different qualities and are available in a variety. Each has their own unique benefits. Sunflower oil is one of the richest and healthiest oils for intake. It also is considered to be a light cooking oil as compared to other oils.

Let us talk about the advantages of the consumption of sunflower oil:

  1. Promotes a healthy heart
  2. Reduces bad cholesterol
  3. Boosts energy
  4. Strengthens immunity
  5. Improves digestion
  6. Reduces cancer risk

Proven health benefits Of Sunflower Oil

According to the Time magazine, 1 tablespoon of this oil contains 28% of a person’s daily intake of nutrients. Each of the above mentioned benefits have specific reasons behind it but not every sunflower oil brand contains all of the required nutrients for it to become a healthy oil for consumption. For starters, Sunpride sunflower oil contains special elements like mono unsaturated fats and oleic acids which will keep your heart in balance. Apart from it being the optimal edible oil , the presence of vitamins A and D acting as antioxidants makes it good for your skin. The non-greasy and light nature of this oil makes it beneficial for your hair by removing all the frizziness.

A lot of research in this area shows that including this oil in the diet lowers total cholesterol and “bad” low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in people with high cholesterol. While talking about such oils, there are certain sunflower oil brands that might be considered before opting for one like Sunpride sunflower oil which is rich in nutrients and is one of the healthiest oil for your health.

Bottom line:

Concluding this, it can be said that the use of sunflower oil as your day-to-day edible oil is the perfect way to stay fit as a fiddle. Given the current situation of the pandemic, it is becoming extremely important to improve our immune systems, for which too, this sunflower oil brand proves to be your greatest option. Ultimately, choosing an oil for your kitchen will reflect on your health, which is precisely why Sunpride offers you only the best quality oils for your overall well being.