Reducing Environment Adulteration

Regeneration of Natural Resources is not in our hand and hence we have all the rights to Use natural resources but certainly not to Misuse. At N. K. Proteins we understand this fact and practice the same at our premises. We have developed our manufacturing process which produces minimum byproducts that are hazardous to natural resources. Also any hazardous material is first treated properly before releasing it to open environment. Thus we try to minimize any adulteration of Natural Resources.

Social Awareness

N. K. Proteins is very active in generating social awareness about different health and social issues. We time to time organize awareness programs in and around the city to educate people about their health and healthy life. A few of our initiatives can be listed as:

  • Blood Donation Awareness Campaign "Raktadan Mahayagna" in association with Ahmedabad Medical Association (AMA) & Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) was organized on 13th June, 2010
  • Cancer awareness program was organized in association with Cancer Research Society (CRS)

Nurturing Communities

To support and nurture communities and the coming generations, N. K. Proteins is a well known corporate. The company has taken a great initiative especially by supporting Girl Child Education. Some of such initiatives are:

  • Started Keshavlal Vithaldas Patel Adarsh Chhatralay - A school for welfare of girls at Kadi, Gujarat
  • Donated a hall and computers at Sarva Vidyalaya,Kadi (North Gujarat)
  • Started IRC - Community Centre, at Thor, Gujarat
Tirupati Active

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